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Welcome to The Empress Tarot.

My name is Jayde and I first found my love for tarot when I found a deck under my mum’s bed when I was just a teenager. I just fell in love with the pictures and the stories they tell, and naturally I would do readings for myself and for my friends. I would always refer to the book and it was super exciting to sit back and see what the future holds. Since that time, I have progressed into reading them with the guidance of my intuition


Last year while practicing my readings, I discovered my mediumship abilities. I’ve always seen, heard and had some level of connection with spirits ever since I was a child, but I mostly tried to steer clear as I was uncertain about how to proceed, and honestly a little afraid.


Since my first proper unexpected encounter with spirits last year, I have learned that there is nothing to be afraid of and I now have a safe space for them to come through and tell their story, if they choose to. My mediumship is not something I can just tap into for everyone, as I feel spirit chooses me, not the other way around.

So, on that note, my page here is mostly for tarot reading, but if a loved one comes forward, I’ll always allow them the space to communicate.


Please allow 30 minutes for a reading, however they occasionally go a bit longer.

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